The 6 most beautiful beaches in Quartu Sant’Elena: real small paradise

Quartu Sant’Elena beaches

It is part, along with the city and other fourteen municipalities, of the metropolitan area of Cagliari. A popular destination for tourists. Especially for those vacationers seeking sun, sea and relaxation. This is Quartu Sant’Elena. And these are its most beautiful beaches:



This would be the main beach of Cagliari. But the final part belongs to the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena. To the hamlet of Foxi, the visitor will find clean and well-maintained beach, with sandy seabeds and clear water. It is easy to reach from Cagliari taking the county road 17 to Villasimius.


Stella di Mare

The beach is small, less known and, therefore, not very popular (but no less beautiful). The water is calm and blue. The seabed is mostly sandy, with sporadic rocks.


Baia Azzurra

The name (literally, “blue bay”) gives an idea of the type of beach that the visitor will see. It is, actually, a succession of coves along the coast, with white sand. From the water, rise rocks that form small natural pools.


Cala Regina

A rocky beach. And this characteristic makes the sea particularly crystal clear. At the top, there is the homonymous watchtower.



In this hamlet, there are four different beaches:

  • Mari Pintau: with its pebbles, the water is a real spectacle;
  • Kala ‘e Moru: the water is shallow and the sea bed is sandy.
  • Marongiu: a very well-maintained beach;
  • Baccu Mandara: a small and cosy beach.


Is Mortorius

Uncrowded beach, with shallow water. You get to Is Mortorius taking the county road 17 towards Cagliari. The beach also has a small parking area.


These are the most beautiful beaches of Quartu Sant’Elena. And to see them all, you just have to book a ferry to Sardinia.


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