Not only sea: in Porto Torres and surroundings there is much to discover

Porto Torres surroundingsIt’s a famous locality for its splendid sea. But Porto Torres is more. It’s history, culture, nature. Here, you can discover all you can do and see in Porto Torres and surroundings.

The town – There al lot of things to see in Porto Torres. It’s a place rich of historical heritage. Do not miss the Roman bridge, Turris Libonis, Basilica of San Gavino, Terme Maetzke and Terme Pallottino, the famous Domus dei Mosaici.

The Beaches – Porto Torres is a seaside resort and so it’s famous for its beaches. The most noted is Balai, a small rocky bay. But there are also Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci, Renaredda, Farrizza. Beautiful during summer, very suggestive in winter.

Asinara – Recommended to lover of trekking, the Asinara is a small island to see during all the year. There are many paths that go through domus de janas. One of the most beautiful area is the lighthouse of Punta Scorno. The island takes its name from the white donkeys, that is possible to meet walking.

Nuraghi – Nieddu, Biunisi, Monte Elva, Margone: these are the four most important nuraghi of Porto Torres, the invaluable proof of its rich history.

Domus de Janas – Su Crucifissu Mannu is a necropolis, reachable from provincial road 25. The archeological site is made up of 22 domus de janas, graves dug into the rock. It’s one of the most important site in Sardinia.

So, there are many things to see in Porto Torres and surroundings. Organize your holidays in Sardinia and book now your ferry trip.


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