Snorkeling in Porto Torres: four wonderful places

Porto Torres snorkelingRelax, sun and sea are the main reasons for which a lot of visitors choose Porto Torres as a destination for their holidays every year. This destination can satisfy even those who, firstly, put scuba mask and snorkel in the suitcase. Are you one of these people? In this case, you have to know what are the best spots for snorkeling.

Balai beach – According to many, this is the most beautiful beach of Porto Torres. This beach is always very crowded during summer. The best point of the beach for snorkeling are the two sides of this little inlet, where there are several rock coves. The left side of the beach is particularly suggestive, with the little white church overlooking the sea.

Scogliolungo – This beach is renowned for the beauty of its rocky seabed, and for this reason it’s one of the recommended Porto Torres spots for snorkeling. Scogliolungo is located in the center of the city. The origin of the name (Scogliolungo means, literally, “long rock”) is a twenty meters long promontory. The color of the sea varies from blue to green.

Asinara – You will see one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia, a pristine place where you can immerse yourself in the nature of the island. Spots for snorkeling are several, such as cala Tumbarino, punta Tumbarino and punta Pedra Bianca.

Stintino – It’s a small town near Porto Torres. La Pelosa and la Pelosetta are the most famous beaches of Stintino. In particular, la Pelosetta is recommended for snorkeling. There are other good spots near la Pelosetta, beaches such as Il Gabbiano, Ezzi Mannu, l’Ancora, le Saline, Punta Negra, Pazzona.


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