Porto Torres: discover the Roman city during Monumenti aperti 2015

  • Published: 30-03-2015
  • Category: Events

Porto Torres Monumenti aperti 2015The beaches of Porto Torres are incomparable, and are among of the main attractions of the city (places such as Balai, Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci). But certainly beaches are not the only attractions. In fact this is a very ancient destination, whose history dates back to Nuragic civilization. And the chance to discover it is the 2015 edition of Monumenti aperti (“Open monuments”) in Porto Torres: in will take place on May 16-17.

The height of Porto Torres’s splendor was during the Roman Empire. When the city, which was built near the mouth of Riu Mannu river, became an important river port. Important not only as a commercial port but also for nearby mines where iron and silver were mined.

Today, Porto Torres still has many monuments of this past: Roman bridge, Turris Libisonis, Maetzke and Pallottino thermal baths, the Domus of the mosaics. All attractions included among the things to see in Porto Torres.

The visitors have the possibility to visit these monuments during Monumenti aperti 2015: local associations will offer guided tours, so the visitors will discover the several beauties of these archeological sites.

There is another important place to see: it’s Asinara, one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia. Visit Asinara is a recommended experience during a holiday in Porto Torres.

For more information about Monumenti aperti 2015 in Porto Torres (full list of monuments, opening hours, schedules and costs of tours), visit the official website of the event, Monumentiaperti.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/pilar_torres

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