Summer 2015 on Poetto beach: 5 good reasons to visit this place

Poetto beach Cagliari

Try to ask any Cagliari inhabitant which is the best beach that you can visit. The proposals could be very several. But you will always listen the name of one place: it’s Poetto beach, the favorite by the inhabitants of Sardinian capital city.

Is Cagliari the destination of your next journey? If so, there are (at least) five very good reasons to visit Poetto beach.

  1. Bathrooms and showers. There are several service on Poetto beach: for the Summer 2015, the number of bathrooms and showers along the seafront will increase.
  2. A more clean beach. Agents of municipal police will supervise the beach during the whole summer: fines of up to 200 euros for those who “forget” waste on the sand.
  3. Pavements and parking lots. The new pavement of the seafront should be finished for the beginning of summer 2015: the seafront will become a wonderful walk, especially in the evening. In addition to this, new parking lots will be created near the beach.
  4. Increased frequency of public transport. After a year of work, have you no intention of taking the car with you during the holiday? No problem, the frequency of public transport to and from the beach will increase.
  5. Free wi-fi on Poetto beach. The last tip for vacationers who choose Poetto during their vacation to Cagliari: free wi-fi will be active on the entire beach, for those who just cannot stay away from smartphones and tablets.


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