Open Monuments 2017 in Olbia: two days dedicated to history and culture

  • Published: 25-04-2017
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Open Monuments 2017 Olbia

You always like to give your holiday a touch of culture that can make a trip special. Are you planning to spend a few days along the northeastern coast of Sardinia? In this case, there is an event that you really must not miss: we are talking about Open Monuments2017 edition, which will include visits to Olbia on May 27 and 28.


The event

One of the biggest cultural events of the year in Sardinia. A time during which you can discover the many historical and artistic treasures of a particular location and, above all, admire some monuments that are usually closed to the public. Here’s what awaits you in Olbia in the two days of Open Monuments 2017.

For the occasion, several info point, where to find all the information you might need (monuments, timetables, guided tours), will be set up at strategic points of the city.


A few examples of what you will see:

  • Nuraghi. Nearby Olbia, there are several nuraghi, testimonies of the ancient civilization that built them: Sa Testa and Riu Mulinu are the two most important.
  • Tomb of the giants of Monte de s’Ape. It is an ancient funerary monument, also made during Nuragic period. It is the largest monument of its kind in Sardinia.
  • Roman aqueduct. One of the many proofs that, in the past, Olbia was a big town during the era of Ancient Rome. The remains are still visible and are located in Sa Rughittula.
  • Castle of Pedres. Its construction dates back to the Middle Ages, from the thirteenth century or so. His spectacular ruins stand on a rugged hill.


How to get

Olbia is also one of the major ports where the ferries to Sardinia dock. From the marina, you can easily reach the various monuments which are part of the event moving by car (which you can embark on the ferry) or using the public transport service.


More information

For more information on Open Monuments in Olbia 2017 edition (list of monuments that are part of the event, where to find the info point, all the guided tours, any changes in dates), please visit the official event website,


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