Olzai: Autunno in Barbagia in the “town of graduates”

  • Published: 29-10-2015
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It gained the nickname of “town of graduates” at the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to the cultural vocation of its citizens. The same who preserved and let people know the numerous cultural heritages of Olzai. Where Autunno in Barbagia 2015 will stop from 21st to 22nd November.



Indeed, the famous citizens of Olzai had so much things to study about. Starting from the giants’ tomb of S’ena de sa vacca (which was identified as a dolmen for many years) and continuing with the numerous nuraghi (Su Puddu, Erchiles, Oritti, sos Pranos, Portoni, Comiddo, Lenuie, Ludurioe).

The historic center preserves the original “barbaricina” architecture, with house with multiple floors made of granite: there’s the eighteenth-century House-Museum of the artist Carmelo Floris. While in 1921 was built the Arginamento: a monumental architectural work which is used to canalize the course of the Bisine river.

And there’s no Autunno in Barbagia without Cortes Apertas: the courtyards of the historic houses of Olzai will be opened to the public to show an inestimable treasure made of typical products, ancient traditions and professions now almost extinct.


How to reach

Nuoro is the best starting point to reach Olzai in occasion of the Autunno in Barbagia 2015:

  • Take the state road 131dcn to Ottana
  • Once you arrive in Ottana, take the provincial road 17 until you reach the junction with the provincial road 17bis
  • From here, go straight on until you take the provincial road 36
  • Once you take the provincial road 36, follow the road signs to Olzai

The trip lasts about half a hour by car. While reaching Nuoro from Olbia and Arbatax (the two main tourist ports in the zone), the trip lasts about a hour by car.


More information

For further information about the stage in Olzai of Autunno in Barbagia 2015, as the complete program or eventually changes of dates and times, there are two websites you can visit:


Image source: “Olzai – Chiesa Santa Barbara” di Sardu soe – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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