Olbia, San Simplicio feast 2016: moment of tradition and folklore

  • Published: 25-04-2016
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Olbia San Simplicio feast day 2016

This is the time during which the city of Olbia celebrates its patron saint. The 2016 edition of San Simplicio feast 2016 will taka place from May 13 to 18 and will be enriched by numerous side events.


The feast

During San Simplicio feast, the sacred meets the profane. Because, on one hand, there will be the traditional rites, such as parades, poetry contests in Sardinian language, songs and dances of folk groups. On the other hand, there will be several food & wine events, such as the famous mussel fest.

One of the most important moments is the Palio della Stella in Via Re di Puglia. And May 15 will be the day of the procession, attended by groups from every part of Sardinia that will accompany the statue of the saint.


A city to discover

What better occasion to spend a pleasant holiday in Sardinia and discover Olbia and surroundings?

  • Among the most beautiful things to see in Olbia there are the old town centre, the Museo archeologico comunale (an archaeological museum), Fausto Noce Park, beaches such as Pittulongu, Porto Istana, Marinella, Bados.
  • The other places to see near the city are the nuraghi, the castle of Pedres, the Roman aqueduct, the tomba dei giganti di Su Monte de s’Ape.
  • Berchiddeddu, La Maddalena and Caprera are three good ideas for excursions.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of San Simplicio feast in Olbia, visit Olbia municipality official website, Comune.olbia.ss.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/art_roman_p

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