Sun and sea holidays in Olbia: here’s the 7 most beautiful beaches

Olbia best beaches

We already talked about the things to see in Olbia, but just discovering its historical-cultural attractions such as the nuraghi and the city center. But Olbia is also a place overlooking the beautiful Sardinian sea. Here’s a list of the most beautiful beaches in Olbia.

Check this 7 out:


1. Pittulongu

Also known as La Playa, this beach is famous for its thin and white sand, and is the most popular in the city. Well connected to the town center with public transports, it it’s well-equipped with all the services you may need.


2. Porto Istana

Actually here you will found four small beaches instead of a big one, all separated by low rocks. The shore has white and thin sand and the sea bottom gently slopes allowing to touch the seabed for many meters from the shore, which makes this beach ideal for childrens. It is also popular among surf, snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.


3. Marinella

Located in middle of the gulf that carry the same name, you need to follow indication for Porto Rotondo to get there from Olbia, so it would be better to carry your car on the ferry. It’s a very well equipped beach and perfect for children thanks to its low seabed.


4. Marina Maria

To get to this beach it you must reach the hamlet of Murta Maria, near the pond of via dei Gladioli. Many shells and white and thin sand make this beach is very pleasant. Surfers appreciate it a lot too, throughout the whole year.


5. Punta Volpe

To reach this beach from Porto Rotondo, you have to follow the coastal road till Punta Volpe, then you have to follow a gravel road to reach the beach. The contrast between its colors is what it makes this beach unique: the yellow of the sand against the emerald of the placid waters of the sea.


6. Bados

It’s located on the border with the town of Golfo Aranci and easy to reach taking the provincial road 82. You will find a very beautiful scenario, with very thin gray sand with ochre shades, low seabed and a fabulous sea. There are also several services.


7. Le Saline

Although there will be others to be mentioned here, the Saline beach is surely among the most beautiful beaches of Olbia. Connected to the nearby parking lot by a wooden bridge, is made of large-grain grey sand, while the seabed slope away quickly.


Source image: Di Max.oppo – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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