Olbia Monumenti aperti 2015: among nuraghes and tombs of giants

  • Published: 2-04-2015
  • Category: Events

Olbia Monumenti aperti 2015May 23 and 24, 2015. Two days during which you can admire some of the most beautiful attractions in this city, and others that are usually closed to the public. An opportunity to learn about history, art, culture and traditions of one of the most visited destinations of Sardinia. From May 23 to 24 2015 edition of Olbia Monumenti aperti (“Olbia open monuments”) will take place.

Olbia city has an ancient history, and numerous and priceless historical testimonies. Such as the tomb of the giants of Su Monte de s’Ape. Or such as nuraghes around the city.

Olbia was Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Aragon, Savoy city. Its streets and squares are full of interesting historical and archaeological sites. Some examples are the old town centre, the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the Roman aqueduct, the castle of Pedres. In other words, the things to see in Olbia are so many.

And the best occasion to see them all is 2015 edition of Monumenti aperti. During this two-days event, associations will offer guided tours of the most beautiful and important monuments.

For more information about Olbia Monumenti aperti 2015 (complete list of the monuments, timetables and prices of tours), visit the official website of the event, Monumentiaperti.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/dandiffendale

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