The 4 most beautiful caves of Ogliastra: ideas for unforgettable excursions

Ogliastra caves

You’ve decided the destination of your next vacation. And you have also drawn up your personal itinerary. Now, you are looking for some advice for excursions that are both beautiful and special. In this case, there is an idea, rather four, that suit you: these are the caves of Ogliastra.

The most beautiful are these four:


1. Su Marmuri

It is precisely in the municipality of Ulassai, just below the characteristic heel (of rock outcrops) of this country. Getting to Su Marmuri is like taking a trip back in time of millions of years. A largely flat cave, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, large rooms surmounted by a very tall vault, and two distinctive underground ponds.


2. Fico cave

We move to Brunei. The opening of this cave is located in the limestone wall of the Gulf of Orosei, seven meters above sea level. To enter the world of the Fico cave, you cross wooden walkways that pass over the fossil bed of an underground river. Once, this environment was also inhabited by the nun seal. Also near the Fico cave there are the beaches of Goloritzé cove (one of the most beautiful in Sardinia), Ispuligi de Nie and Cala Biriola.


3. Taquisara Cave

Even in this case, the cave opens under a heel, precisely, that of the homonymous village of Taquisara. It’s a cave which is still alive, like the two previous ones. There is a seven hundred meters trail that will lead the visitor through the various rooms that make up the cave, rich in impressive stalactites and stalagmites.


4. Meraculu Cave

The name means “the miracle”. And it is due to the particular light that makes this place even more special. The cave of Su Meraculu (located in Brunei territory and that opens on the beach of Sisine cove) is relatively small, about two hundred meters. More than enough to create natural sculptures that, with their grandeur, will leave the visitor amazed.


What to see in Ogliastra

Some of these caves are among the things to see in Ogliastra. A historical region that really has a lot to offer: the mountainous massif of Gennargentu, the nearby Arbatax, and several dream beaches, such as the already mentioned Goloritzé cove, Sisine cove, Ciri Biriola, Mariolu cove.

Ogliastra’s caves are four ideas for four excursions. And now you are ready to book a ferry and leave for Arbatax.


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