Ogliastra: discovering the 7 most beautiful beaches (and not only)

Ogliastra beaches

They are authentic natural jewels set along the east coast of Sardinia. Totally unspoiled places with clear waters, for a vacation dedicated to the utmost relaxation. Relaxation and peacefulness to enjoy lying on the most beautiful beaches of Ogliastra.


The beaches…

  1. Luna cove. One of the most famous of the whole Sardinia. A reputation rightly deserved, thanks to its cobalt blue water, white sand, the oleanders grove, the numerous caves that open along the coast and which can be used for boat excursions. Cala Luna can be reached from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese, by boat tours or by a hiking trail.
  2. Sisine cove. A small beach that opens between two rocky cliffs surmounted by a verdant Mediterranean vegetation: this is Sisine cove, with its changing waters, from blue to turquoise. By the sea you can reach it from Arbatax or from Santa Marina Navarrese, alternatively you have to go along a quite long hiking trail.
  3. Biriola cove. A rocky cliff and a thick holm oak forest overlook the one that surely is among the most beautiful beaches of Ogliastra. It is a very faint limestone strip, embellished by the presence of a stone arch. The beach is accessible by sea with guided boat excursions from Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese, or through a path that starts from the plateau of Golgo.
  4. Mariolu cove. It is also called Ispuligidenie, a term that in Sardinian means “snow fleas”. Name derived from the small, white, smooth pebbles that make up this beach. From the water limestone rocks also emerge. A place like this can be reached only by sea, by a private vehicle or by boat excursions leaving from Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese. Alternatively you can follow a quite long trail that starts from the plateau of Golgo.
  5. Goloritzè cove. It is located in the town of Baunei and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Goloritzè cove, in addition to the beauty of the place, is peculiar for the 143 meters pinnacle above the beach. The shore is made up of white sand, on the right side there is a stone arch, and in a ravine among the rocks a source of fresh water springs. Goloritzè cove can be reached by sea by a private vehicle or following a path that starts from the plateau of Golgo.
  6. Porto Frailis. A sandy silver cove among the granites of the coast of Ogliastra, not interested by the winds, bounded by flat rocks in the north and south: porto Frailis bay is reachable from Arbatax, following the signs to the beach.
  7. San Gemiliano. A bay that extends for about two kilometers around the gulf of the same name, surrounded by a thick Mediterranean vegetation and dominated by San Gemiliano tower. A bay that is located little outside the town of Arbatax, coming from Tortolì.

And there are still Tancau, Cea, Sirboni, Coccorrocci, Foxilioni, Lido di Orrì. But without doing wrong to anybody, the ones just mentioned are the beaches not to be missed during a holiday in Sardinia.


…the caves…

And after seeing the beaches? The holiday does not end here. Because there are the Ogliastra caves to see: Su Marmuri, Fico, Taquisara and Su Meraculu are many ideas for excursions that will leave you astonished.

…and the territory

At this point, the best way to end your vacation is to complete a sort of tour of things to see in the Ogliastra region: you will discover an authentic world where nature dominates everything with all its beauty.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/stmsat

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