The six most beautiful nuraghi in Sardinia: from Tiscali to Su Nuraxi

nuraghi sardiniaThe nuragic civilization is very ancient, like so old is the land that has hosted it. A civilization that is born from the Bronze Age to the Roman Age. The most important evidence of this community are the nuraghi. Like this six, the most beautiful in Sardinia.

Su Nuraxi – At Barumini. The nuraghe of Su Nuraxi is probably the most famous one, included in the list of Unesco humanity heritage. Today the historical structure is composed by a majestic nuraghe surrounded by a huge nuragic village.

Nuraghe Arrubiu – At Orroli, in province of Cagliari. Its name means “red” and derives from the distinctive coloration of the stones. It’s one of the biggest of the whole Sardinia, composed by a central fortified tower and five lateral towers.

Nuraghe Santu Antine – At Torralba, in province of Sassari. A huge central fortified tower surrounded by three towers incorporated in the walls. There is also a well deep 20 meters.

Nuragic Village of Tiscali – At Dorgali, in province of Nuoro. The nuragic village of Tiscali is built in a big cavity on the top of Tiscali Mountain. The whole village is composed by about 40 huts.

Giants’ Grave di Su Monte de s’Ape – At Olbia. It’s the biggest of Sardinia and it’s well conserved. Together to Olbia’s nuraghe, the Giants’ grave in another important evidence of this old civilization.

Nuraghe Losa – At Abbasanta, in province of Oristano. It’s built of basalt big blocks and it’s composed by a central tower and others three towers incorporate in the walls.

These are considered the six most beautiful nuraghi of Sardinia.


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