Nues 2017: Stories beyond for the Cagliari cartoon festival

  • Published: 5-10-2017
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Nues 2017

Let’s be honest: everyone, of any age, from the big to the smallest, likes comics. And, if you are really passionate about ‘em, comics can also be a pleasant opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the fall. A good occasion just like Nues 2017 – Cartoons & Cartoons in the Mediterranean, the Cagliari cartoon festival, to be held in November (official dates have not yet been announced).


The liquid language

In our world, culture has become a multimedia element, as multimedia are the channels through which it is used and diffused. The picture story, one of the peculiar features of the comic book, seems to be the form that best describes the continual evolution of the world.

If, as theorized by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, we live in a liquid society, so in perpetual change, the comic could be like the “liquid language” that can tell us that change.


What’s on the 2017 edition

Tell stories, then. And this year, the Nues will tell the Stories Beyond, the main theme of the 2017 edition that will fall into six categories:

  • Europe_Beyond: the contribution of writers to overcome the idea of what we consider Europe;
  • Colors_Beyond: artists who will testify the situations of the arts in Greece;
  • Beyond the myth: dedicated to two legends of comic and literature, Aurelio Galleppini and Sherlock Holmes;
  • Beyond the genres: to overcome prejudices and gender stereotypes;
  • Comics_Beyond and Beyond the Space: dedicated to the evolutions and declinations of the story of images.


More information

For more information on the Nues 2017 edition (full program, how to attend, dates), please visit the official website of the event,


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