The Notti Colorate 2015 in Cagliari: between culture and shopping

  • Published: 7-07-2015
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Colored nights Cagliari 2015

The last edition was a success. And for the fourth edition, that will be held this year, the capital city of Sardinia decided to make big things, dedicating 7 nights instead of 6. In other words, also in 2015 there will be the Notti Colorate in Cagliari: seven Thursday between July and August dedicated to culture and shopping.


Days and Colors

The days when the Notti Colorate in Cagliari will be held are:

  • 9th July (Thursday): Notte Rossa
  • 16th July (Thursday): Notte Verde
  • 23th July (Thursday): Notte Azzurra
  • 30th July (Thursday): Notte Bianca
  • 6th August (Thursday): Notte Arancio
  • 20th August (Thursday): Notte Gialla
  • 27th August (Thursday): Notte Blu

As always, every night will be dedicated to a color, and to a specific theme to let visitors discover a different aspect of Cagliari. The common thread will always be the culture: tour operators will have to create itineraries that follow this requirements.

If the culture will have a place of honor, the Notti Colorate will also be an occasion to have a walk along the shopping streets of Cagliari: shops, bars and restaurants will stay open until late night.


Once you’re there

You’re in one of the most beautiful city in Sardinia. The Colored Nights start in the evening. During the day, you can visit Cagliari.


For more information about Notti Colorate in Cagliari 2015, you can visit the official site od the municipality of Cagliari,


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