The underwater Nora: a dive to the most ancient city of Sardinia

nora underwater city

We already talked about what are the city of Sardinia to visit absolutely. But we should add another one in the list: we’re talking about the most ancient city of Sardinia. And it’s even more fascinating for the reason that it’s underwater. We’re talking about Nora, in the province of Cagliari.

The ruins of the underwater city of Nora are in the territory of the city of Pula, few kilometers far from Cagliari, along the southern coast of the isle. A site with an inestimable archeological importance: it narrates the story of a city that’s dated back to the Phoenician-Punic era. According to some researchers, the origins of the city are more ancient and mysterious.

There are rests of this city also on the mainland: on Capo Pula promontory, in a wonderful and especially strategic position, there are temples, mosaics, thermal baths and a Roman amphitheatre. But the majority of the city is underwater and it extends for a really vast area. This is definitely a paradise for all for divers and for underwater archeology.

The underwater city of Nora is a unique place, fascinating like few others in the world. It can be easily reached from Pula: you just have to take one of the numerous autobus that connect the two towns.


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