New Year’s eve 2017 in Sardinia: 3 events to wait for the new year

  • Published: 28-12-2016
  • Category: Events

New Year’s eve 2017 in Sardinia

There are several reasons to spend a winter holiday in Sardinia. Such as the traditional events. And such as the arrival of the new year, one of the most anticipated moment. Are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 on this beautiful island? In this case, we have three ideas that will make the last night of the year really special.

  1. Capodanno di Alghero. Mès que un mes, in Sardinian language, means “more than a month”: this is the title of the Cap d’Any 2017, the Capodanno of Alghero. The guest star of the New Year’s Eve concert will be Lara Taylor, young Spanish singer.
  2. Capodanno di Olbia. The Capodanno in Olbia will be “distributed”: there will be several events throughout the city, from December 8th to January 6th. The guest star of the New Year’s Eve concert, which will take place in piazza Mercato, will be En?gma, young Sardinian rapper.
  3. Capodanno a Cagliari. For the New Year’s Eve 2017, four different stages will be set up in as many squares of the old town centre of the Sardinian capital city. For further information, please visit Cagliari municipality official website,

Have you chosen your favourite idea to spend New Year’s eve 2017 in Sardinia? Well, in this case, there’s only one thing left to do: book a ferry to Sardinia.


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