Between mystery and legends: the National Day of Urban Trekking in Cagliari

  • Published: 24-10-2017
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trekking urbano Cagliari 2017

A trekking pass between mystery and legends: what are we talking about? It’s a good idea if you are already in the sardinian capital or if you’re planning to spend an Autumn holiday in Sardinia and enjoy walking. Because A trekking pass between mystery and legends is the title of the 2017 edition of the National Day of Urban Trekking in Cagliari, to be held from 28 October to 1 November.


What is urban trekking

It’s a very special way to discover a city combining art, culture, taste and desire to walk. In this way, walking and listening to an expert guide you will have the opportunity to see the most hidden and less known corners of the chosen destination.

It is a very free form of tourism, full of surprises, suitable for all ages and does not require a particular preventive workout before it can be practiced. Without forgetting to mention a particular important thing: physical activity is good for both the body and the mind.


The program

During the five days of the National Day of Urban Trekking in Cagliari, you can try these five routes, one a day:

  • October 28: Visit to the caves and the castle of Sant’Ignazio;
  • October 29: Liberty and fascist Cagliari … styles, symbols and mysteries in the houses of the Cagliari high middle class during the twenty-year;
  • October 30: In the name of blood: crimes and conspiracies in Spanish Cagliari;
  • October 31: Treasure hunt at Villanova;
  • November 1: Guided tour of the historic district of Stampace high.



The five above mentioned routes have not yet exhausted your desire to see the Sardinian capital? In this case, we can provide you with more ideas. In particular, we can give you seven other tourist itineraries to visit Cagliari:

  • In a day;
  • The beaches (which in winter will give you unique views);
  • Historical districts;
  • The surroundings;
  • With the children;
  • Bastions;
  • Romantic holiday.


Further information

For more information, please visit the official website (in fact, the National Day of Urban Trekking is also held in other cities of Italy).


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