Monumenti aperti 2016: Porto Torres shows its glorious past

  • Published: 5-04-2016
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Porto Torres monumenti aperti 2016

The northern coast of Sardinia is known for its beaches. But here there are also ancient cities that were nuragic, Roman, Aragonese, Savoy. Such as Porto Torres. Where, on May 21 and 22, will take place the 2016 edition of the event Monumenti aperti.


The monuments:

  • The monuments on Asinara Island can be visited only on May 22 (Sunday) from 10am to 5:30pm.
  • Basilica di san Gavino, chiesa di Balai, chiesa della Consolata and chiesa di Cristo Risorto are the main religious buildings of Porto Torres: guided tours are suspended during the Mass.
  • The Antiquarium Turritano museum and the archaeological area of Turris Libisonis close at 8pm.
  • The itinerary to visit the archaeological area: Domus di Orfeo, Terme Centrali, cardo, Terme Maetzke, Domus dei mosaici marini, Terme and Peristilio Pallottino.


Info point

In via Bassau there will be an info point where you can have all the information you need: open monuments, guided tours, any changes of the opening and closing times of the monuments.


Why only two days?

Monumenti aperti 2016 could be a great opportunity to spend a 4-5 days holiday in in Porto Torres. During these days, you could:

  • See the most beautiful beaches of Porto Torres, places such as Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci, Renaredda, Farrizza.
  • Walk along the suggestive streets of Porto Torres.


Further information

For further information about Monumenti aperti 2016 in Porto Torres, please visit the official website of the event,


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