Nuraghi and Ancient Rome: the 2016 edition of Monumenti aperti in Olbia

  • Published: 22-04-2016
  • Category: Events

Olbia Monumenti aperti 2016

Along the northeast coast of Sardinia, it is a very famous place to spend a pleasant holiday dedicated to fun and relaxation. Olbia offers another aspect. Made of monuments, museums and archaeological sites. And the best occasion to discover this aspect is the 2016 edition of Monumenti aperti (“open monuments”), on May 21 and 22.



Olbia is an ancient city. A city that was Nuragic, Punic, Roman, Byzantine. And that was the protagonist of the Sardinian history. A place like this could only be full of priceless, precious and unique historical and artistic treasures. As the numerous nuraghi, Roman aqueduct, the Pedres Castle.

During this trip, the Archaeological Museum, built on the islet of Peddone, is a place that you must see. And among the things to see in Olbia, since Monumenti aperti will take place in late May, there are its wonderful beaches.


Info point

During the two days of the event, at the info point you can find all the information you may need to discover the historical and artistic beauties of the city: monuments, opening hours, guided tours.


Further information

For further information about Monumenti aperti 2016 in Olbia (list of the open monuments, where is the info point), you can visit the official website of the event,


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