Three destinations where to spend May Day 2015 in Sardinia

  • Published: 11-03-2015
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May Day 2015 in SardiniaA three-days journey, ideal moment to have a holiday and to discover a place where you have never been before. If you are looking for a destination where to spend May Day 2015, Sardinia is the place for you. And here you can find three ideas for your journey.



  • First day: it’s possibile to visit Cagliari in one day and see its main attractions, such as Quartiere Castello, Poetto, Bastione di Saint Remy, Torre dell’elefante, Torre di San Pancrazio, Palazzo reale, Cattedrale di Santa Maria.
  • Second day: there are several beaches near Cagliari, and the most famous of them are Quartu Sant’Elena, Geremeas, Costa Rei.
  • Third day: one of the less known part of the city is subterranean Cagliari, a maze of crypts, amphitheatres, caves and air-raid shelters.

Porto Torres:

  • First day: you will enjoy the most important things to see in Porto Torres, that are Basilica di San Gavino, Basilica di San Gavino a mare, Palazzo di Re Barbaro, Terme Maetzke and Terme Pallottino, Turris Libisonis, Domus dei mosaici.
  • Second day: beaches are one of the main Porto Torres attractions, and the most beautiful of them are Balai, Scogliolungo, Acque Dolci, Renaredda, Farrizza.
  • Third day: it’s the momento to visit Asinara island.


  • First and second day: you will see the most important attractions of the city, that are centro storico, Museo archeologico comunale, nuraghi, tomba dei giganti, castello di Pedres, acquedotto romano.
  • Third day: Palau is near Olbia, and from Palau it’s possible to go to Maddalena island.

Have you chosen the destination of your May Day 2015 in Sardinia? Now there is only one thing that you have to do: book a ferry ticket to Sardinia.


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