Mamoiada: Autunno in Barbagia 2015 in the land of Mamuthones and Cannonau

  • Published: 22-10-2015
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A parade, as ancient as mysterious. The possibility to taste one of the best and most famous wine in Sardinia. A nature full of autumnal scent. This is Mamoiada. And here, from 6th to 8th November, Autunno in Barbagia 2015 will take place.



The name is indissolubly tied to the procession of Mamuthones and Issohadores: the tradition imposes that it has to be composed by 12 Mamuthones and 8 Issohadores on the sides. This procession has its origins in the legend. Usually, it’s always performed during the most important feasts that are held in Mamoiada.

Going out from the inhabited center, the intense scent of the grapes and the chestnuts pervade the air and the surrounding nature: the Gennargentu massif, the grazing of shepherds, the oak forests. Moreover, this is one of the place where you can taste one the best Cannonau of Sardinia.

And then, there’s no Autunno in Barbagia without Cortes apertas: the historic houses of Mamoiada will open their courtyards to the public, where visitors can discover old professions and typical products.


How to reach

Mamoiada is near Nuoro. Starting from here, you just have to take the state road 389var to South and follow the road signs to Mamoiada. The trip lasts at least 20 minutes by car.

While, to reach Nuoro, the two main tourist ports are:

  • Arbatax, on the Oriental coast
  • Olbia, on the North-Oriental coast

In both cases, the trip to Nuoro lasts about a hour by car.


More information

To see the complete program of Autunno in Barbagia 2015 in Mamoiada, and to know about eventually changes of dates and times of the event, you can visit these two sites:


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