La Maddalena archipelago: these 5 islands are authentic paradises

La Maddalena archipelago’s islands

It is an inevitable step of any trip along the northern coast of the island. After all, we are talking about one of the most beautiful places of Sardinia, so the expectations are high. However, not everyone considers a small detail: la Maddalena is an archipelago, and consists of several islands.

Many of these islands must be visited. If your curiosity and your desire to travel are reawakened, you could follow this route. You will discover, literally, five small paradises.

  1. La Maddalena. The first island that must be visited is, dutifully, the most important of the archipelago. La Maddalena is known around the world for its unspoiled nature and its beautiful beaches, such as Bassa Trinità and Tegge point. The tour is completed by a walk in the historic center of the picturesque town of La Maddalena.
  2. Caprera. Easily accessible from La Maddalena island (just drive along the so-called Passo della Moneta), Caprera reserves two priceless jewels to all its visitors: dream beaches, such as cala Coticcio bay and cala Andreani, which would be worth the entire holiday; Garibaldi’s Compendium, which protects the most important places where Giuseppe Garibaldi spent his final days.
  3. Budelli. The name of this island is associated to one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and, to be honest, of the whole world: we are talking about the wonderful pink beach of Budelli, famous for the particular color of its fine sand.
  4. Santo Stefano. It is halfway between Palau and la Maddalena. Accessible only by private boats, it offers a spectacular and still largely unspoiled nature. Santo Stefano island is surrounded by an unforgettable emerald sea, especially near Capo d’Orso.
  5. Spargi. The fifth, little paradise to visit during this tour will give you beaches of an immaculate whiteness.

For more information (complete list of islands, how to get there, guided tours), please visit la Maddalena archipelago national park’s official site,


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