The long weekend of April 25, 2017 in Sardinia: 3 ideas for a wonderful holiday


Four days available. To be precise, from Saturday 22 to Tuesday 25 of April. As you have understood, we are talking about the long weekend of April the 25th 2017. And since you are thinking about having a holiday in Sardinia, we have three ideas among which you can choose.


Idea # 1: the northern coast

We have already given some time ago, some routes to visit Sardinia in two days. Combining a couple of them, you will have the opportunity, in four days, to travel along the northern coast. In particular:

  • Day one: Olbia. In one day, you can see some of the most beautiful places in Olbia: we are talking about the Old Town, Municipal Archaeological Museum, Tomb of the giants of Su Monte de s’Ape, Park Fausto Noce, a Roman aqueduct and the castle of Pedres.
  • Day two: the beaches of Olbia. Perhaps the temperatures do not allow you to take a dip in the sea but Pittulongu, Porto Istana, Marinella, Bados and Sa Rena Bianca will give you unforgettable views.
  • Day three: Porto Torres. A unique city, which can beautifully combine the beauty of nature with the unique charm of valuable evidence dating back to Ancient Rome.
  • Day Four: l’Asinara. From Porto Torres, you can, in a short time, reach l’Asinara and admire one of the most beautiful islands around Sardinia.

Idea # 2: thermal baths

There is always a good reason to relax. And there is always a good opportunity to spend some time at the thermal baths, enjoying the best treatments, good air, tranquility. For a holiday dedicated solely to restore the spirit and the body, in Sardinia there are four main destinations: Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti and Casteldoria. At the end of these four days, you will feel better.

Idea # 3: excursions

The last idea to spend the long weekend of April 25, 2017 in Sardinia is for the most adventurous people. Composed by mountains with a round shape, Gennargentu is a large massif that rises in East-Central Sardinia. Here, the must-see excursions are:

  • Gola di Gorropu;
  • Tiscali;
  • Montarbu Forest;
  • Codula di Luna.


And, once you have chosen the idea that is right for you, there is only one thing to do: to book the ferry trip to Sardinia.


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