Legends of Sardinia: the lost key of Casteldoria treasure

legends of Sardinia: the treasure key


Andrea Doria, the last prince of Casteldoria, was seized by great fear: the old witch had prophesied that his castle would be attacked by mysterious green knights and he would be hanged. He prepared to resist.

The prince kept his treasures in the basement of the castle. He decided to send the keys to one of his sisters who lived in Genoa. Sure, in this way, to have solved, at least, one of his problems.

When the castle was attacked by the green knights, he jumped from the high bastion and died on the rocks below. The sister, when she knew that his brother was dead, decided to go to Sardinia: she wanted to take Andrea Doria’s treasure and bring it to Genoa.

On the ship, during the journey, the woman was struck by a terrible disease. Sure that the end approaching, she threw the keys into the sea. Her last look was for the distant island, where there was the body of her beloved and unhappy brother.

The keys where lost and no one could open the basement of the castle. According to the legend, the treasure is still there…


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