Legends of Sardinia: the shepherd and the mysterious woman

legends of Sardinia: the shepherd and the mysterious woman

Andrea Doria, the last prince of Casteldoria, dead several years ago. At night, a humble shepherd was walking near the ruins of the castle of Casteldoria. While walking, something caught his attention and he looked up.

Right there, on the walls of the bastion, he saw a door and a light from inside. He came up to the door and entered. What he saw left him speechless. It was a kind of splendid and huge store crammed with whatever he could even imagine: clothes, brocades, furniture, flowers, marbles, sweets, pearls, gold.

Between two large statues and lamps, there was an alabaster counter. Behind the counter, a beautiful woman, dressed in white veils, said: “Take whatever you want and go”. And she smiled.

The shepherd had the opportunity to take what he wanted. He could be rich with only one of those jewels. Instead, he remembered he needed underwear. Then he took only a canvas and left. Once he got home, he told what had happened to his family.

The whole family immediately ran towards Casteldoria. Once there, light and doors disappeared before their astonished eyes. The only thing that remained was a silent and sad castle.


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Image source: Flickr.com/photos/anamobe

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