Sa filonzana: this is the legend of the Sardinian Parca

legends of Sardinia: sa filonzana

The Greek Moirai and Roman Parcae were three mythological figures who, respectively, spun, measured and finally cut the thread of life of a person. And in Sardinia there is a very similar legend: the legend of sa filonzana.

The Sardinian Parca (this is the “nickname” of sa filonzana) is an old woman who always dresses in black. Her face is covered by a black mask that makes her even more disturbing. In a way, her figure is reminiscent of the most famous Mamuthones of Sardinia.

As the name and the nickname suggest (“filo” means thread in Italian), sa filonzana spins. And everyone is afraid that the biggest tragedies can happen: that the thread in the hands of sa filonzana can be cut. In Sardinia, sa filonzana is well-known and feared. But no one knows exactly the reason why.

Whatever the reason is, sa filonzana and its legend are two protagonists of the Carnival in Sardinia. And not only. According to a long-forgotten custom, the mask of sa filonzana accompanied the youth during the collecting of alms of New Year’s Eve.

Typically, Sardinian people opened the doors of the houses at the sight of sa filonzana and gave sweets and candies. For those who refused to give something, insults and ominous proverbs were ready.


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