Sardinia: when handle the food becomes a real legend

legends of Sardinia: how to handle food

In Sardinia, food is not a joke. And, in some cases, it becomes a real legend. But you have to know how to behave at the table. Because eat Sardinian specialties requires a lot of attention.

  • Eat with your hands is not strictly considered rude. Indeed, during dinners and lunches, it is recommended in many cases: in this way, the food will be even tastier.
  • Su civraxiu is a large loaf of bread. But you have to be careful when you handle it. Because you should never turn it upside down, you should make thick slices and you should never cut the less-cooked side of the loaf.
  • Never throw bread. Never. If a slice of bread falls to the ground? You must take it, blow on it and put it on the table after making the sign of the cross.
  • Sardinian cheese is delicious. Delicious and precious. The shepherds cut thin slices of cheese, always beginning from the center of the cheese.
  • The food, since ever, is the “meeting place” of the sacred and the profane. Before cutting the curd and begin to prepare the cheese, the shepherds traced a cross on the coagulated milk.
  • When pouring the wine, the hand holding the bottle or the flask must have the back upwards. Pour the wine with the back of the hand downwards is a symbol of betrayal.
  • During the feats, in many villages of Sardinia there’s the custom to bring food to the needy families.
  • In Sardinia, the hospitality is sacred. And so the food: Sardinian people will always offer you cheese or ham.


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