Legends of Sardinia: good luck foods to eat during a vacation

legends of Sardinia: good luck foods

Taste Sardinian typical dishes is one of the things to do during a vacation on this island. But, and maybe you don’t know it, eat Sardinian food is considered auspicious. And these are the good luck foods of Sardinia:

  • In the picture you can see one of Sardinian typical dishes: fava beans and lard. It’s a very tasty combination offered during the Carnival period: a dish that wants to be a good omen for bumper harvests.
  • Freshly slaughtered meat, liver, bread fried in lard and lard are considered precious gifts. These gifts are brought to the needy families. That reciprocate offering legumes (fava beans, chickpeas, lentils): even if they are very poor and simple, they are still a good omen for wealth and prosperity.
  • Rice and wheat are also “bearers” of good luck.
  • In Sardinia, every occasion is good to prepare it. The so-called maiale abbruschiau (literally, “toasted pork”) is cut into pieces and is cooked on a fire, while the other fellow diners are waiting patiently. The maiale abbruschiau is a symbol of joy and well-being but only if shared with others.
  • Not only the food: the wine is auspicious. Indeed, toast with a glass of good wine is the most common form of greeting in Sardinia.


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Image source: Flickr.com/photos/francescobros

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