Legends of Sardinia: the golden bell and the treasure of Casteldoria Castle

legends of Sardinia: Casteldoria

The information about this castle is discordant. Its construction began in the Twelfth century. We know that it was a strategic place during the events that concerned Genoa, the Crown of Aragon, Arborea, Malaspina and the wars of the Sardinian districts. This in the past. Today, the castle of Castelsardo is a place where legends rise.

  • The only well-preserved part of the ancient medieval castle is the pentagonal tower that you can see in the picture. It is situated in the municipality of Santa Maria Coghinas, in the province of Sassari.
  • According to one of the legends, there’s an underground tunnel dug into the rock between the fortress and the chapel of San Giovanni di Viddacuia (the chapel still exists today). This tunnel was used by Doria family to reach the chapel during the feast days.
  • The writer Grazia Deledda wrote that once there was the so-called conca di la muneta. It was a very deep and large hollow where Doria family minted coins. In this hollow, there was a golden bell: people threw small stones to make it sound.
  • Under the castle, there would be a real maze of tunnels. An explorer, according to another legend, found this maze of tunnels and discovered four large rooms. One of these rooms was closed by an iron door that can’t be opened. Maybe this is the room of the fabulous treasures of Doria family.
  • West of the tower, there were high bastions near the Coghinas river. Bastions where the Doria family’s man strolled in Summer and ladies sat gazing at the horizon.


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Image source: Di Utente:MaxFabio – I’m the owner – Canon Photoshoot SX520, GFDL, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5915651

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