The legends of Sardinia: aphrodisiac foods that you will never guess

legends of Sardinia: aphrodisiac foods

In the picture, you can see celery. Nothing strange, you can say. But, if you are spending a holiday in Sardinia and it is offered you by someone, perhaps it’s a joke. Have you ever heard of aphrodisiac foods?

Surely yes. But what does this have to do with the culture and the tradition of this wonderful island? Because, in fact, in Sardinia there are not many foods considered aphrodisiacs. With one exception: obviously, we are talking about the celery.

In order that s’appiu (celery in the Sardinian language) can do its “job”, it must be consumed in large quantities and rigorously raw, or it won’t have any effect. During the typical Sardinian banquets, on the table there is a plate with celery sticks. And, with undisguised malice, male commensals are invited to consume celery in large quantities.

If this will happen to you, take a joke and munch a couple of celery sticks. Perhaps offering some salacious jokes. It’s hard to say if the aphrodisiac effect of celery is real or is only another Sardinian legends. One thing is certain: on the table there will also be the culinary specialties of Sardinia.


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