Holiday on La Maddalena Island: these are the 7 most beautiful beaches

La Maddalena beaches

Regarding La Maddalena Archipelago, its coastline is a real naturalistic jewel. Moreover, this is one of the most desired parts of Sardinia, so it is normal that it represents one of the main attractions. And the most beautiful beaches of La Maddalena are these seven:


1. Bassa Trinità

Three coves, with white and fine sand, and a crystal clear sea. Reaching it is very easy and it also has a large parking area. It is no coincidence that Bassa Trinità is among the most famous of the archipelago.


2. Punta Tegge

The beach offers one of the most spectacular panorama of La Maddalena, with stretches of sand and rocky coast. Punta Tegge is located in the southern part of the island, and is easy to reach from the promenade of Padule.


3. Testa del Polpo

This beach is also located in the southern part of La Maddalena. The origin of the name (literally, “octopus head”) is the great rock, whose form recalls an octopus head, which overlooks the beach. White sand beach, with some rocks rising from the water not far from the shore.


4. Cala Lunga di Porto Massimo

On the northern coast of the island. Cala Lunga is a white sandy beach touched by a crystal clear sea. It is reachable walking along the panoramic road near Baia di Spalmatore.


5. Spalmatore

Not far from Cala Lunga, and you can reach it walking along the panoramic road. Even in this case, the visitor will see an immaculate white and fine sandy beach.


6. Cala Francese

In the southern part of the island, it is near Punta Tegge and, in fact, Cala Francese is reachable from the promenade of Padule, after Punta Tegge and Nido d’Aquila. It is characteristic for the presence of a granite quarry.


7. Spiaggia Rosa

One of the most beautiful in Sardinia. The Pink Beach is located on the islet of Budelli, which is part of La Maddalena archipelago. It can only be visited if accompanied by a guide of La Maddalena National Park.


These are the most beautiful beaches of La Maddalena. And consider that some of them are great even for scuba diving.


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