Itinerary of 3 days for the Immaculate Conception 2017 in Sardinia

Immaculate Conception 2017 in Sardinia

You have decided to do a vacation during the Immaculate Conception, which this year falls on Friday, but you still don’t know where. Sardinia is the ideal destination for an itinerary of 3 days. In particular, we recommend 4 ideas that will allow you to organize your vacation in the best way.


1. Visit Cagliari

The Sardinian capital always deserves a visit, and the Christmas period is full of events not to be missed: music festivals, events and many Christmas markets like the one in progress Vittorio Emanuele II and in Carmine’s Square. In addition to Christmas attractions, you can take the opportunity to admire its monuments and its many attractions, following these tourist itineraries to discover the beauties of Cagliari.


2. Autumn in Barbagia

Autumn in Barbagia is a great event that takes place from the beginning of September to mid-December, with many stages in several towns in Sardinia and therefore could be an opportunity to discover and admire the traditions of the Sardinian hinterland.


3. Archaeological sites

Among the things to see in Sardinia can not miss the archaeological sites and in particular the inestimable historical testimonies of the ancient nuraghic civilization. The archaeological sites worth visiting are:

  • The nuragic village of Su Nuraxi is the largest in Sardinia, near Barumini, in the province of Medio Campidano.
  • The ruins of Tharros in Oristano, a settlement of Phoenician origin, abandoned by the inhabitants in 1070 following the attacks of the Saracens, was populated first by the Punicists and then by the Romans, in a continuous stratification of civilizations and architectures.
  • The megalithic architecture of Pranu Muttedu and the site of Laconi, located in the province of Cagliari and with its burials and finds, is the most important funerary area of prehistoric Sardinia.


4. Admire the beaches

The beaches of Sardinia are so beautiful and not only in summer. Of course you can not swim, but you can eat a good lunch at the seaside or being able to put your feet in the water for a few seconds. This it will make you enjoy your holiday in nature. We recommend these five beaches that will give you unforgettable views even in winter.


As you have seen, things to do and see in this beautiful island are also lacking, so what you have to do is book your trip on one of ferries to Sardinia.


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