How to get to Tuerredda beach from Cagliari

How to get to Tuerredda beach

To give an idea, we can say that this is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Isn’t it enough? It’s no wonder that you, during your holidays in Sardinia, want to visit absolutely this place and to verify if its reputation is deserved or not. But to do that, there is one thing you need to know: how to get to Tuerredda beach.


The beach

What you will admire is a real Caribbean landscape: the fine and clear sand plunges into a sea so clear that you can see the sandy bottom for several meters. Opposite the beach, a few hundred meters from the shore, there is the homonymous island, reachable by swimming. The entire beach is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

Although the island is recommended for those who want to lie down comfortably in the sun. Also the water remains low for many meters and its temperature is always pleasant.


For who’s recommended

The reason to visit this beach is just one: relaxation. Tuerredda is recommended for those who want to lie on the sand, and enjoy sea and sun. Moreover, the beach is equipped with various facilities, such as bars, restaurants, canoes and paddleboats rents. It is suitable for a holiday with children.


How to get to Tuerredda beach

To get to the beach of Tuerredda from Cagliari:

  • take the state road195 towardsTeulada
  • turn right towards the town of Chia
  • continue for about ten kilometers
  • follow signs to the beach.


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