How to get to Sardinia by ferry? 3 things you should to know to plan the trip

how to get to Sardinia by ferry

There’s no need to say that Sardinia is a beautiful place. So much that will be the destination of your next (and desired) vacation. Now, before you plan your trip, you need to know one important thing: how to get to Sardinia by ferry?


1. Ports of departure

The main ports of departure to get to Sardinia are:

  • Genova;
  • Livorno;
  • Piombino;
  • Civitavecchia;
  • Napoli;
  • Palermo.

The departures are several every day and throughout the day: departing from these ports, you can always find the best solution for you. The travel times depend on the port of departure and the port of arrival.


2. Reservation, comparison, vehicle

  • To book ferries to Sardinia, you only need to fill out the online booking form: number and age of passengers, departure date, return date, port of departure and port of arrival. The tickets will be sent you by mail.
  • After you have filled in your information, the booking system will give you a page where you will find all the departures in the date you selected. In this way, you can compare the prices and choose the cheapest solution.
  • Have you a vehicle to take on the ferry? Just select the appropriate option in the form, specifying type, model and size of the vehicle.


3. The port of arrival

The main port of arrival are:

  • Porto Torres;
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura;
  • Golfo Aranci;
  • Olbia;
  • Arbatax;
  • Cagliari.


Once you’re in one of these ports, your holiday will begin. And these are the best places to see and the most beautiful beaches of the whole island.


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