How to get and what to do during a holiday in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

how to get to Costa Smeralda

It doesn’t even need an introduction. Because, over the years, it has become really famous, a destination that can offer the best you could want during a holiday: fun, beaches, panoramas and jet set. And here’s why you’re wondering: how to get to Costa Smeralda?


How to get there

To get to Costa Smeralda, you have two options: by plane and by ferry. In both cases, the destination is Olbia. Once you have arrived in this city, you must:

  • Take the state highway 125 towards north;
  • Take the county road 73 to Portisco;
  • From Portisco, take the county road 94 towards north and then the county road 59 following the road signs to Porto Cervo.

Between these two solutions, the best is the ferry: in fact, you can embark a car, a motorcycle or a camper.


What to do

  • As you surely know, Costa Smeralda is one of the best places of the Sardinian nightlife: in particular, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo and Baja Sardinia can offer so much in terms of bars, clubs and nightclubs.
  • And about Porto Rotondo, its beaches will satisfy even the most demanding vacationers: Marinella, punta Nuraghe and punta Volpe are ideal for enjoying sun, sea and relaxation.
  • Since you have chosen the Costa Smeralda, we recommend you to get to Palau (from Porto Cervo it takes about thirty minutes by car). From Palau, you can take a ferry or boat and visit one of the most beautiful archipelagos of the whole Mediterranean Sea: we’re talking about La Maddalena Archipelago, a true treasure made of beaches, nature and breathtaking views.


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