Holy Week 2017 in Cagliari: discovering the typical Easter cerimonies

  • Published: 7-03-2017
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Holy Week 2017 in Cagliari

Easter 2017 awaits you in Cagliari with a calendar full of appointments to spend the holy week immersed in the suggestion of the liturgical traditions, always very engaging. You can discover with us the most beautiful rites of this sardinian city, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

  • Good Friday – Procession of the Dead Christ is unmissable even in the city of Cagliari. The ritual begins at 1pm, planned to transport the Crucified Christ from the church of San Giovanni Battista in Villanova, to the cathedral, in the Castle. Tradition dictates that women remain waiting outside their homes, to help the confreres of the Arch of loneliness, to support the weight of the statue. A procession, the funeral march and blacks banners, complete the picture of this evocative liturgical ritual. The singers who wear a white habit and praise to Christ and to Mary, with songs in eighteenth-century Italian, close the procession. At 3pm, the Crucifix accomplishes his solemn entry into the cathedral.
  • Good Saturday – This is the day of waiting. In the hope of resurrection, begins the ceremony of Scravamentu. At 8:30am in St. Lucifer, the Crucifix with jointed arms is freed from the nails that imprison him to his scaffold and he is placed on a stretcher. Above, the sisters will recline a white lace veil. Taking care to tie the four corners with blacks flakes, symbolizing mourning and closure of the tomb. At 10am the same ceremony is replicated in the Cathedral by the Arch of the loneliness that, at 16:30pm, is preparing for a new ceremony, it’s S’Interru, the return of the dead Christ. At 11:45pm, the statues of the Risen Christ and the Glorious Virgin, previously dressed up by the sisters, symbolize deliverance from death.
  • Easter Sunday – This is the moment of meeting: S’Incontru. The Holy Week ends with the ritual of reunion between Jesus and the Virgin Mary, according to the apocryphal gospels. This is a really addictive ceremony for all the inhabitants and the tourists who travel to Cagliari, which is repeated three times, by the parishes of Marina, Stampace and Villanova. The Christ and the Virgin Mary finally meet in Garibaldi street. The Spanish ancient ceremonial expected that the Son face three bows or curtsies, and the same thing does the mother. In the church of San Giacomo he is held the mass of Easter. The same ceremony will be replicated twice, but in different places of Cagliari.

If you want travel to Cagliari, the holy week is the best period to decide to visit it. But you have to book early your ferry to the wonderful Sardinia.


Image source: Pixabay

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