Cagliari Holy Week 2015: the most significant moments

  • Published: 26-02-2015
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Holy Week 2015 CagliariThere are many traditions that animate the Holy Week in Cagliari. Some of them are provided by the official liturgy, while others come from the people, and by the people are preserved and kept for centuries. A centuries-old tradition that involves mainly the four historic districts of Cagliari: Castello, Stampace, Marina and Villanova.

These are the most touching and meaningful moments, from Palm Sunday to Easter.

Palm Sunday – The parishes of Cagliari commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, since the early hours of the morning. People wave palm branches in a procession. At noon, in the church of San Giovanni Battista, Confraternity of Solitude takes from the wall a life-size crucifix and lies in front of the chapel.

Holy Tuesday – This is the day of the oldest procession of the Mysteries of Cagliari: it is held since 1670, starting at 15:00 from the Jesuit church of San Michele in Stampace. The procession lasts well into the night and ends where it began.

Holy Wednesday – In the oratory of the Holy Christ and the church of Saint’Efisio in Stampace are held two similar ceremonies and similarly poignant: the statue of the Madonna is dressed in the black robes of mourning.

Holy Thursday – It is the day when the Church of Cagliari is preparing to officially celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. While the brotherhoods of the city are preparing for S’Incravamentu: a ceremony commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus.

Holy Friday – Perhaps one of the most important days of Holy Week in Cagliari. And the most loved and felt ceremony by Cagliari people is the one that carries the crucifix from the church of San Giovanni Battista in Villanova towards the cathedral, in the Castello district.

Holy Saturday – Anticipating an event in chronological order would come later, this is the day of Su Scravamentu: Christ is taken down from the cross. Ceremony that takes place in the parish of San Lucifero and in the cathedral.

Easter Sunday – This brings us to the most important moment of the Holy Week of Easter 2015 in Cagliari. Is the day S’Incontru, the symbolic meeting between the risen Jesus and the Virgin Mary. A ceremony that is repeated three times, by the three historical parishes of Marina, Stampace and Villanova.


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