Sardinians are doubtless: the origin of Halloween is here

halloween origins

Do you know where the feast of Halloween originated? Most of you will surely answer United States, but this answer is wrong. It seems strange but people from Tonara and Sorgono, two Sardinian towns, say that the origin of the feast is here.

On the night of 31st October many places in Italy and in the world commemorate deceased while children knock on the doors of their neighbor to receive sweets. But the similarities between Sardinian and American rituals are many. But it’s not possible to assert in what moment or in what nation Halloween originated.

In Sardinia, Ognissanti’s eve is really heart-felt. Its name changes depending on the zone of the island. In the north side it’s called Su Mortu Mortu, while in the south one is called Is Animeddas.

The culinary tradition consists in a complete dinner. Then they leave on the table homemade maccheroni, wine and water to let the deceased eat: it augurs well for the future.

Attending the rituals for the commemoration of deceased people in Sardinia is the only way to discover in what side of the earth Halloween originated.


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