Sardinia: 3 legends to immerse yourself in Halloween atmosphere

Halloween in Sardinia legends

Halloween in Sardinia is a time of traditions and customs, in many cases, almost ancestral. And even these three legends are very old. A bit gloomy stories that are able to make you reflect and to teach something about the nature of the human soul. In short, the stories are perfect to lose yourself in the atmosphere of the night of All Saints.

  1. Sùrbiles. Some figures that animate the legends of Sardinia are almost fairytale. Others, however, are much more disturbing. Like sùrbiles. They are terrible vampire women sucking infants’ blood, especially those not yet baptized. They were transformed into small insects like flies, so they could go undisturbed in homes. Their raids occurred between midnight and three o’clock.
  2. Luxia Rabiosa. Once upon a time there was a woman. She was very rich, she possessed vast lands and very fertile cornfields that every year gave her rich harvests. But she was also very stingy. And being avarice a capital sin, God punished her: he transformed her into stone with all the objects she owned. Tradition says that Luxia Rabiosa’s petrified objects are in some areas of Sardinia.
  3. Panas. They can be found near rivers and streams at the crossroads, they are usually in groups while they are washing clothes and singing a sad lullaby. They are the spirits of women died because of a childbirth. If fool people had the audacity to disturb them, they revenged themselves by spraying water over them. And water burned as if it were fire.


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