Gola di Gorroppu: how to reach and visit it

Gorroppu how to reach

It’s one of the most beautiful place in Sardinia, so this would just be a reason to visit it. Moreover, you want to do an enjoyable excursion in Gola di Gorroppu, a unique place. There’s just a little detail: you don’t know how to reach it.


Where’s the canyon

The canyon is in the plateau complex of Supramonte, in the central-eastern part of Sardinia. To be precise, Gola di Gorroppu is exactly between Orgosolo and Urzulei, the first in the province of Nuoro, the second in the province of Ogliastra.


How to reach it

The most important tourist port near Gole di Gorroppu is the Arbatax one. From here, you have 4 available paths:

  1. Passo Genna Silana (ner the inhabited center of the same name, along the state road 1125)
  2. Sedda ar Baccas – Gorroppu B-502 path (12 kilometers long, just for experts)
  3. Ponte S’Abba Arva (from Dorgali you have to take state road 125 to Baueni-Urzulei)
  4. Supramonte di Urzulei and Orgosolo (this is the most difficult path)



Do you want to get an idea about the place you’re going to visit? Have a look at these 10 photos of Gola di Gorroppu. These are images  of some of the most beautiful panoramas that this canyon can give its visitors.



Even if you know how to reach it, you’re not expert excursionists, so are you looking for a little help? On Gorroppu.info you can find all the information to organize your guided excursions in Gola di Gorroppu during your holidays in Sardinia.


Image source: “Gorropu – interno” di Pigiosu – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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