Go to Sardinia and spend a little? There are 5 tips to do it

Who, at least once, has never thought of visiting Sardinia? First, however, there is a ferry to book. In this regard, your need is soon told: how to go to Sardinia and spend a little?

It’s possible to do it. Thanks to these five simple tips.

  1. Use a comparator. Exactly like our online booking system. The reason is soon to be said. This system, in the route and selected days, allows you to compare the prices of all the companies that guarantee the connection. In this way, you can always book your ticket at the most convenient price.
  2. Book a bridge passage. It’s the most economical solution for traveling on ferries (compared to an armchair and a bridge passage). But you have to specify one thing: if you are going to sleep on the ferry, the bridge passage could be quite inconvenient. Better a cabin, in this case.
  3. Avoid the high season period. As it’s easy to guess, the weeks between July and August are also those during which the greatest tourist inflow is registered and therefore the prices are also higher. If you can organize your holidays in June or September, you will still find excellent weather conditions and you can also save money.
  4. Avoid the weekends. Will your next holiday in Sardinia necessarily have to be during the high season weeks? Then, there is another tip for you to spend a little: avoid the weekends and leave during the week, for example on Monday or Tuesday, “getting back” (the quotes are a must) only one day.
  5. Book in advance. The last of the tips is also the most precious. Booking the trip in advance, you can immediately take advantage of the various offers that shipping companies make available to travelers. Offers that, it’s good to know, tend to run out quickly.

And now that you know how to go to Sardinia spending little, you just have to wish you a good holiday.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/castefoto

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