Gennargentu: the 4 most beautiful hikes on the top of Sardinia

Gennargentu excursions

It is a large mountainous massif that rises in the East central Sardinia. Consisting of round-shaped mountains, it is characteristic especially for the many endemic species. Due to its nature, on the Gennargentu it is possible to do a whole series of excursions that will excite both the expert and the occasional visitor. And these are the most beautiful ones.


The excursions

  1. Gorroppu gorge. A deep and spectacular canyon that is located in the Supramonte area. It is considered one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe, with a height of about five hundred meters and a width ranging from a few dozen to four meters. There are also several Sardinian endemic species such as the aquilegia of Gorroppu.
  2. Tiscali. It is an ancient nuragic village, one of the most beautiful of Sardinia, located on the homonymous mountain. On the top of the mountain there is a karstic valley and the remains of the village that was originally built along the valley walls, and it is not visible until the cavity is reached.
  3. Montarbu Forest. Almost 2800 hectares of extension for what could be considered one of the most impressive forests on the island. A place that offers a spectacle made of small reliefs called “tonneri”, numerous animal species, a flora that takes intense and special shades, and a stream of water, the Rio Ermoliosu, which crosses the forest.
  4. Codula di Luna. A stream flowing for kilometers along limestone and steep walls, rich in vegetation and caves. At the mouth of the Codula di Luna the beach of Cala Luna is located, which is a small paradise.


…and an idea for winter

Maybe not everyone knows it but in Sardinia you can also ski. For precision, it is possible to do it in the ski area of ​​Bruncu Spina, located right on the slopes of Gennargentu. If you are looking for an idea for a white week, you have just found it.


How to get

Both for excursions and skiing, a good starting point is the town of Arbatax, one of the main ports for ferries to Sardinia. It would also be advisable to have your private vehicle to reach the various locations and, if you are not expert, the help of a guide.


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