Gavoi: Autunno in Barbagia 2015 for real hikers

  • Published: 30-09-2015
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A place surrounded by mountains, hills, rivers, small lakes. Located in a strategic and suggestive position in the heart of Sardinia. Ideal place for those who want to immerse themselves in a lush and unspoiled nature. And Gavoi, from October 9 to 11, will host the event Autunno in Barbagia 2015.



This stage of Autunno in Barbagia is recommended especially for hikers.

  • Gavoi is, literally, surrounded by hills and mountains that protect it from the winds: Pisanu Mele mount, Brundihòne and Chizu de noli mountains, Puddis and Cogoddio mountains.
  • Instead, south there the beautiful valley of Taloro river.
  • Chestnut, holly, walnut, cherry, oak and holly oak make the several woods in the area, habitat of species such as peregrine falcons, ravens, wild cats, martens.
  • About two kilometers south of the town, there is the lake of Gusana, one of the largest and most important of the entire Barbagia.

Autunno in Barbagia is also traditions, culinary specialties, traditional crafts. You can find them in the Cortes apertas, the ancient courtyards of Gavoi that will show their treasures during this event.


How to get there

The main town near Gavoi is Nuoro. To get there from Nuoro, take the state highway 128 and follow the signs to Gavoi. The journey by car takes about half an hour.

While the two tourist ports from which you can reach Nuoro are Arbatax e Olbia: in both cases, getting to Nuoro takes about one hour by car.


More information

For more information about Autunno in Barbagia 2015 in Gavoi (complete program, possible changes of dates), you can visit these two websites:


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