Ferries to Sardinia: 3 things to know to book the deck seat

Ferries to Sardinia deck seat

The ferry is the means that will take you to Sardinia to spend your next vacation. And you are thinking, for the trip, to book a deck seat. If these are your intentions, there are three things that you will need to know.

  1. Saving money. There are several good tips to follow to find and book cheap tickets for ferries to Sardinia. One of these is to book the deck seat. In this way, in essence, you will spend all the journey on the outer deck of the ship. External bridge that is however equipped with seats and other services that will allow you to spend a pleasant journey.
  2. Sleeping. The ferry trip to Sardinia can take several hours. Precisely for this reason, and also to not miss a day of vacation, you are thinking of travelling at night. If this is your intention, know that sleeping on the bridge could be inconvenient and require a good spirit of adaptation. Alternatively, to sleep comfortably during the journey, you can opt for a cabin, so you can sleep on a comfortable bed for the duration of the trip.
  3. Booking. You can book tickets from the comfort of your own home. In fact, it will be enough to use our online booking system. All you have to do is fill in all the fields required by the booking form, specifying the route, day, time, number and age of passengers, if you intend to board a vehicle. The tickets will be sent directly to you via e-mail, saving not only time but also money.
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