Board the bike on ferries for Sardinia: how to do and some tips

We have already said how to embark the car on the ferries to Sardinia. But you need a more specific indication, as you are a big fan of two wheels and can not imagine a trip without your trusty vehicle. In other words, your next vacation on this beautiful island will be in motorcycle.

Here’s how, plus some tips that you will surely find useful.

Book the place

Using our online booking system, after entering the basic information (route, day and time of departure, day and time of the return journey, number and age of passengers), you must check the option “I have a vehicle in tow”.

Then, you have to enter the vehicle type (the bike, in your case), model and size. Continuing with the booking procedure, in one screen you will have all the rides on that particular day with relative price. Choosing the most convenient solution, you just have to confirm: you will have thus easily and quickly booked the ferry trip to Sardinia with a place for your bike.

Boarding / Landing

For boarding and landing operations, each company can have its own regulations. To be on the safe side, we advise you to go to the boarding point about two hours before departure. Once on site, the on-board staff will give you all the information to reach the stall.

Once the stall is reached, the crew will always help you to fix the bike. Remember that only the driver (with helmet on his head, it’s good to specify) can drive the bike inside. Also, during the journey it will not be possible to reach it, so bring with you everything you need.

For the landing operations, you will be advised in advance by the crew on board to reach the bike. Again, just follow the directions that will be given and drive the bike out of the ferry.

And now that you have arrived?

Now the vacation can begin. And if you need any suggestions, know that some of the best places in Sardinia to discover by motorbike are:

  • The Gallura hinterland, in particular the area between Olbia and Santa Teresa di Gallura;
  • The Gennargentu, a mountain massif located in the central-eastern part of the island;
  • The hinterland of Cagliari.


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