Ferries to Sardinia: 5 tips to better manage your trip with children

Ferries Sardinia children

For children, going on vacation is always an exhilarating moment. While parents are responsible for managing them at their best. And since your next trip will be by ferry to Sardinia, below you can find five excellent tips to better organize your crossing with children.


1. Book a cabin

This little trick is fundamental. The ferry trip to Sardinia lasts several hours. Spend them all having only one bridge passage or an armchair could prove difficult. Instead, in a cabin you can leave all the things that children need, or have a place to rest in peace.


2. Take lunch or breakfast

Many companies have the possibility to order breakfast or lunch directly on board but there are not always specific menus for children. The advice we give you is to be provident and prepare with lunch and/or breakfast packed, possibly light and suitable even for the youngest.


3. Bring the games

As allready mentioned, the ferry trip to Sardinia lasts several hours. These several hours can be boring especially for children. The solution is simple: bring with you some games that can distract them and keep them engaged, even better if you play with them.


4. Early Booking

Solitamente, le compagnie di navigazione che garantiscono il collegamento con la Sardegna mettono a disposizione offerte vantaggiose per i più piccoli. Offerte che, però, tendono a esaurirsi in breve tempo. Proprio per questo motivo, si raccomanda di prenotare il viaggio in traghetto per la Sardegna con largo anticipo, così da approfittare dei prezzi più convenienti.

Usually, the shipping companies that guarantee the connection with Sardinia provide advantageous offers for the youngest. However, these offers tend to run out in a short time. For this reason, it is recommended to book the ferry trip to Sardinia in advance, so you find offers at cheaper prices.


5. Board a car

If your children are very small, moving around using public transport is not the best idea. It is possible to embark a car (or another means of locomotion, such as motorcycles and motorhomes) on the ferry, which will allow you, once you arrive at your destination, to move in total freedom.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/yaelbeeri

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