Ferries to Sardinia: useful information to take on board the camper

Your need is soon said: how to take on board the camper on ferries to Sardinia? Below you can find all the essential information to know.


How to reserve the place for the camper

There is nothing easier. Do you remember our online booking system? Here, the very first thing you have to do is enter all the information required by the form: number and age of passengers, route, date of departure, return date, if you want to take on board with you a pet.

After entering this data, in the reservation form you have to check the option “I have a vehicle in tow”, select the item “Camper” and then specify the dimensions of the vehicle: that’s all. Now you just have to continue with the reservation and wait for the tickets to be sent to you (by e-mail or post-ordinary).


Boarding the camper

To take on board the camper on the ferry, the same directions are valid for boarding a car. Then:

  • The camper must be present at the boarding point at least two hours before departure;
  • Only the driver can drive the camper inside;
  • The driver must follow the instructions given by the on-board staff and park the camper in the area that has been assigned to the vehicle.


During the trip

During the journey, it is not possible to reach the camper. Therefore, if you have items that you want to bring with you, better think before you park the vehicle.


Landing the camper

Shortly before arriving at the port of destination, the crew will inform you that the landing operations are about to take place: you must head for the camper, get on board and drive it out in the manner and at the times indicated.


Further information

The information given in points 2, 3 and 4 is however indicative, as companies can also have internal regulations. For more information, refer to the page with the travel conditions of the main shipping companies.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/matteoarrotta

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