Cagliari: program and most important days of Feast of Sant’Efisio 2016

  • Published: 12-04-2016
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feast of Sant’Efisio 2016 in Cagliari

The first “edition” took place in 1657. Since then, the procession of Sant’Efisio has become one of the most important events of the year. Especially in Cagliari, when the city will pay homage to the Saint on May 1.


The Saint

Sant’Efisio lived in the Third Century AD, under the Emperor Diocletian. He was sent to Italy to fight the spread of Christianity. But he converted himself to Christianity after seeing a cross shining in the sky. Efisio became a staunch defender of Christianity. As a result, Diocletian ordered the martyrdom, which took place in the prison of Nora, on January 15, 303 AD.


The procession on May 1

  • 11am, Holy Mass in the church of Sant’Efisio.
  • 12pm, the procession starts and these are the stages: chiesa di Sant’Efisio, via Azuni, piazza Yenne, corso Vittorio Emanuele, via Sassari, piazza del Carmine, via Crispi, via Angioy, via Mameli, largo Carlo Felice, via Roma, via Sassari, viale La Playa, villaggio Pescatori, chiesa di Sant’Efisio in Giorgino.

The procession arrives in Giorgino at 3pm. From Giorgino, the statue of the saint is carried on a chariot that will bring Sant’Efisio to La Maddalena beach, to villa d’Orri and to Sarroch.


The other days of the procession:

  • May 2: Sarroch, villa San Pietro, Pula, Nora.
  • May 3: Nora.
  • May 4: Pula, Giorgino, Cagliari.


A city to discover

The procession of Sant’Efisio on May 1 is the moment of the year during which the devotion of Cagliari people reaches its peak. For you, this could be a good occasion to visit Cagliari in a couple of days:

  • First day: bastione di Saint Remy, Sella del Diavolo, torre dell’Elefante, Ghetto degli Ebrei, Cittadella dei musei, torre di San Pancrazio.
  • Secondo day: it’s time to see the most beautiful beaches of Cagliari.


Further information

For further information about feast of Sant’Efisio 2016 in Cagliari, you can visit Cagliari municipality official website,


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