Faradda di li Candareri 2015: a religious and goliardic event

  • Published: 30-06-2015
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Faradda di li Candareri 2015

It’s the religious procession which is the most awaited by the citizens of Sassari. Procession that, as every year, will take place on August 14, in honour of Our Lady of the Assumption. People from all over Sardinia will come there to participate. The Faradda di li Candareri 2015 (“Descent of Candelieri”) it’s a religious moment, but, at the same time, it’s goliardic.


The origins

The origins of Faradda di li Candareri hail from an ancient vow that people of Sassari did to  Our Lady of the Assumption: they asked her to free them by the plague. During the Faradda, the “gremi” (association of arts and professions) of Sassari take in a dancing procession enormous symbolic candles made of wood.


The feast

The Faradda di li Candareri  has always the same ritual:

  • In the morning, ten “gremi” clothe the votive candles
  • In the first part of the afternoon there’s the meeting in Castello square
  • Some hours later, the Faradda starts, with the candelieris that walk through Vittorio Emanuele street to the sound of pifferos and drums, until they arrive at the St. Mary of Bethlehem church

The thing that makes Faradda di li Candareri so special are the movements of the heavy votive candles. In fact the more they “dance”, the more the year will be favourable.

There are also many events during Faradda di li Candareri, like the Discesa dei Piccoli Candelieri, the Discesa dei Medi (with men and women that carry smaller votive candles), the Arrostita dei Candelieri (a typical gastronomic event), and the Concert for Candelieri.


How to reach it

The principal tourist port near Sassari is Porto Torres. From here, you can reach Sassari taking the provincial road 131 towards south, and then follow the road signs to Sassari: it takes about 20 minutes by car.


More information

If you want more information about Faradda di li Candareri 2015, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Sassari, Comune.sassari.it.


Fonte immagine: “Sassari – La Discesa dei candelieri (La Faradda) (1)” di Gianni Careddu – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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